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About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate, the human behind Thriftburgher.

Here are the basics: I’m a twenty-something Pittsburgh area native, lover all things thrifty, nostalgic and DIY. Newspaper reporting is my day job. I live with Mark, my husband, and Waldo, our amazing dog-like cat.



Thriftburgher provides an outlet for some of my hobbies, such as vintage postcard collecting, thrift store finds, outfit pairings, recipes, canning, traveling.

My passion for nostalgia and things of the past plays a role here as well: I love digging through old family photos, documenting the past through spoken word, photos, audio, and I'll post things here from time to time. Basically, I think I run the gamut with subject areas covered. I’m also a roller derby rookie.

Here’s the long version: I began shopping at thrift stores with my mom in my early teens.

At the time, ridiculous novelty sporty tees in kids’ sizes and over-the-top accessories appealed to me. I think I also loved the idea of being able to fill my closet for less than $20. My favorite shirt back then was a thrift store find, of course: It was a dark green recreational softball team tee with the words “pizza shack” in a nameplate on the back. I wore it until the vinyl letters began to peel off.

I also experimented with my sewing machine a bit in high school. I created a few skirts, reconstructed a homecoming dress, and always took pride in anything that took some handy work.


Those secondhand stores allowed me to create my own sense of style when my family couldn’t always afford the brand name outfits a lot of my peers could.

It quickly became an addiction.

I still vividly remember my 18th birthday: My best friend Katie and I spent the whole day driving around in her jalopy and scouring different thrift stores around Pittsburgh. It was such a simple, silly, carefree day, when driving without parents was still a novelty, but one of the best birthdays I’ve had. That was even in spite of getting a flat tire on the highway on the way home.

Over the years, my style has evolved, as has my personality, my interests, my confidence, but thrift store shopping has remained a constant. Going into a store remains a comfort and an adventure all at once.

Thus, Thriftburgher (Thrifty + Pittsburgher) was born.


I'm still a thrifty human in many aspects of my life, and a total sucker for novelty cat print anything. In addition to shopping at thrift stores, flea markets and consignment shops with Mark, I clip coupons, I shop the sale rack, but I do occasionally splurge.