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Monday, October 13, 2014

All I Want

I've wanted a leather jacket for the longest time. There's something inherently bad ass and timeless about having one, and a finally found the perfect one (albeit faux leather) while shopping at the local outlet mall.



The best part was it was marked $180 retail and I only paid 40 bucks! Outlet shopping can be the best sometimes.

The jacket turned out to be perfect for this particular day, because it was so damn cold. Apparently it had reached the 40s for the first time this season. I'm definitely in my happy place during the fall and spring, climate wise, so I want that cool (but not too cool) weather to last as long as humanly possible.

I have always loved asymmetrical zippers, too. And the color of the jacket is more like a charcoal than I straight-on black. Are you drooling yet over this jacket yet? Because I am. Haha.




Outfit: Dress, Gabe's; jacket, Wilson's Leather; tights, H&M; boots, Modcloth.

Mark took photos in my parents' backyard again, so the dinosaur pose was necessary. This might just become a thing every time we decide to shoot there.

I don't know. I guess fall is short-lived, but I love it all. I love wearing tights, like a weirdo, I adore wearing boots, I love warm drinks, I love the colors. I am just hoping to take it all in for as long as I can!

What are some of your fall must-have wardrobe items?


  1. LOVE your jacket! I wear my leather jacket just about every other day in the Fall. haha! Definitely my favorite Fall accessory. I was not ready for it to get this cold yet, but go figure the weather is warmer (but rainy) today... seasonal whiplash! lol

    1. Thanks! The jacket has been a lifesaver for some of the cooler fall days we've been having. And I hate the weather being so inconsistent. It'll be winter soon enough, though. -_-

  2. That is a super cute jacket! Fall is my favorite, too. Wish it could last in perpetuity.

  3. Love the outfit!!


  4. I love this jacket so much! The good thing about faux leather is that it's not as heavy too! Very cute look!

  5. Beautiful pop of color with the tights <3 Love your dress!

    - Anna