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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Different Kind of Thrift Store Find...

Found this in a wallet at the thrift store the other day. It was at the Goodwill in Lawrenceville.

Couldn't help but pocket the photo and leave the wallet. I thought it was kind of adorable. Has anyone found stuff in their thrift store finds or while shopping?



  1. Not quite the same, but at the Portersville tractor pull, I stumbled on a box of old train pictures. Someone was selling them for $1 a piece, and I made him an offer for the whole box. I wouldn't have done so if I hadn't noticed a handful that were taken from the Smithfield Street Bridge, looking down the Mon, and dated 1927. There are some others around Pittsburgh as well, but most of the photos are simple close-ups pf steam locomotives. I'd like to scan the best ones and put them on the blog soon.

  2. Brilliant! I'd love to stumble upon some pics like this!!