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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cleveland: An Aerial View



I picked this up at a flea market the weekend before Mark and I went to Cleveland. It seems appropriate to have an arsenal of cards from any cool rustbelt city, especially in it's heyday.

I can vouch the place looks a bit different now.

The postcard reads:

"The Main Avenue Bridge connects the Lakefront Road on the east side of the Cuyahoga River with Bulkley Boulevard on the west side of the river. Shown at the left is the Municipal Stadium with a seating capacity of 85,000."

It was also mailed, and postmarked July 10, 1944. Note reads:

Hi Sis

Some (do it?) almost as good as Detroit. We came over on the boat and had a swell time. I am transferred and home 10 days delayed riders.

Hal Eiler

I've been picking up more postcards with notes on the back. I almost appreciate them more because they were sent to loved ones who held onto them, cherished them, maybe even read them over and over again over the years.


  1. I bet finding ones with a note is such a treat. Just to see what kind of things were relevant back then that aren't now or what really hasn't changed in the way we communicate! Also Ive thought about visiting Cleveland. Is it a fun city to visit?

    1. Cleveland was OK. There were definitely some cool sights I'd hit up again.

  2. That's so nice to read about a life that was such a long time ago! I might start looking out for this kind of thing!