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Monday, July 21, 2014

Nostalgic Weekend

A variety of events over Saturday and Sunday culminated in a very lazy, nostalgia-filled weekend for me, including the discovery of several late 1980s and early 1990s kids movies on Netflix, the continuation of my long term family photo digitizing project (after a taking a break for a few weeks), and an impromptu trip to my parents' attic last night.


Photo from disney.wikia.com

When I discovered Honey I Shrunk the Kids was on Netflix, I almost peed myself I was so excited.

I had this movie on VHS, and had watched it so many times as a kid the tape broke. (I think my little sister Ashley did the same thing with the movie Toy Story.) I hadn't watched the movie in full since I was about 10, so it was long overdue to watch it again as soon as I saw it.

For being a Disney movie, there was some "edge" for an American, rated G movie I don't think would be done again now. The neighbor's dad smokes. (WHOA.) And at one point, he even said H E double hockey sticks. And I forgot how fun it looked to use blades of grass as slides. And use an ant as a mode of transportation.

Being the devil that Netflix is, after I finished watching it, they recommended other movies for me that were similar: My Girl, Beethoven, and their sequels. Curse that movie-streaming beast. I put them on my watch list.

Some of my other favorite movies as a kid were Fern Gully and Matilda. I have them both on DVD now.

More on my attic adventure and my photo scanning later this week. What were some of your favorite movies as a kid?


  1. I haven't seen that film in *forever*! Matilda is also a good one too!

  2. OMG such memories, I always loved watching James and the Giant Peach, a lot.