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Monday, November 3, 2014

Smitten with a Kitten

Mark and I have a new member of our little family: He's an adorable five-month-old orange tabby.




This little fur baby, who we've named Waldo, was an unexpected addition at our house. We've quickly taken a liking to this little guy. He's an incredibly sweet, mellow yet playful lap cat.

Mark and I actually discovered him hanging around our neighborhood after we returned from our New England trip. While we were away, a lot of the neighbors began leaving out bowls of food and makeshift beds on porches for him. One neighbor posted signs notifying everyone of his homelessness, and that if he has an owner that he should be claimed. He is extremely people friendly, nudging around ankles, wanting to play, and wanting to let himself into any house he could. Obviously, this cat wasn't feral. He began sitting on my welcome mat every time I came home to greet me, much like a dog would. It was incredibly sweet, but I felt awful shutting him out of the house.

Mark also watched him from inside our apartment, since the kitten would often hang around our porch during the day, playing with leaves and plants by himself for hours.

Last weekend, my landlord came over since new neighbors were moving in. She said she might have to take him to the shelter soon if he wasn't claimed, since he had been nomadic in our neighborhood for the past few weeks. She told me the neighborhood has had it's fair share of pet drop offs over the last few years, including a loving pitbull she had to take to the shelter a few years ago. That's when I knew I couldn't let that happen to him.

I set up a vet appointment at a local clinic to get the kitten checked out. He didn't have a microchip. Once he was all cleared (albeit a few ticks) and got vaccinated, he's been a sweetie in our house ever since.

Mark and I expect more and more that he was abandoned. He hated being alone for the first week or so, but has finally gotten used to sleeping in his bed at night instead of scratching at our bedroom door.

He's incredibly tolerant of playful torture, like the hot dog costume we put on him on Halloween. And he might turn into a Garfield... he loves investigating human food. And he's kind of obsessed with cream cheese. :)


  1. Such a cutie! And you guys are amazing for taking him in! I can't believe he let you put that costume on him. My cat would have ripped me to pieces. haha!!

    1. Aw, thanks! We had been talking about getting a dog, so Waldo was kind of fate. I was shocked at how tolerant he was about the costume too. The cat I had growing up is extremely finicky about wearing anything. This guy took it like a pro. He wasn't thrilled, but he stayed on my lap as I put it on him. He's so mellow and easy going and I love it. :)

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  3. How sweet! There are two strays at my apartment building, but I have a pitbull who is terrified of cats (yes.... I know), so I just can't adopt them. They are well fed though and people leave blankets out and put flea collars on them, so I guess that's good.

    I wish my dogs would allow costumes. :(


    1. Aww, that's so sweet/funny that your dog is afraid of cats. Honestly, we were just lucky enough to take the little guy in, because he's been a joy to have around the house. I doubt we would've been able to if we already had pets.

  4. Oh my gosh! Such a sweet story and amazing costume. Im actually not a cat person but last summer my boyfriend and I almost took in the sweetest little black kitten, she was an alley cat but because she was so small still she was so friendly. I regret not taking her in and letting her turn into a street cat. But once we made the decision we would take her she was nowhere to be found after two weeks of hanging around. I now see her around the neighborhood still out and about but she's become far more feral. We almost took in a dog that was wandering the streets also but luckily he was chipped but who knows why his owner was just letting him walk along the streets of chicago without a leash! Either way I have a soft spot for animals and Im so glad to hear your story.

    1. Thanks! Strays and runaways are so heartbreaking, but at least you still see the cat around and the dog was able to be matched back up with his owner.

      We live close to a road where people fly up and down it, so I really didn't want a car curiosity to get the best of him, either.

  5. Super cute <3 Great name, too! ^_^

    - Anna


  6. He's a cutie! It's nice of your landlord to let you keep him. It's such a shame for the animals to go to the shelter.