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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ice Queen

Sigh. The snow has come upon us. I think it's easy to tell how I feel about it:




Honestly, the snow isn't so bad. It's just that, well, it's mid-November, and I'm not really ready for it to be 10 degrees every morning. It feels more like January right now. I'm all about the layering, wearing thick tights and cupping warm drinks, but not so much wearing winter coats, hiding my face in my scarf every time a cold breeze goes by, and slipping on ice while walking on the sidewalk.

Luckily, I've been inspired to mix it up lately, outfit-wise, and didn't want to dress in a completely dreary way. I've been in a bit of an outfit slump lately, usually doing my go-to riding boots plus blouse and cardigan for work, but that was getting old. I always feel so inspired by the people around me, with life, goals, fashion sense, etc. (with the people I meet while reporting and in the blogosphere) that it's almost overwhelming. I've been calling it a creativity hangover.

But instead of getting overwhelmed and shutting down like I usually do in stressful situations, I decided to experiment.

I've mostly worn this skirt in the summer, but it's thick enough to be part of a winter ensemble, too, which I totally love.

Here I am sans jacket and hat, pretending to look happy while standing in the season's first snow:


Outfit: Shirt and cardigan, thrifted; faux leather moto jacket, Wilson's Leather; skirt, Modcloth; tights and hat, H&M; flats, Famous Footwear.

And because I FINALLY have enough outfit photos on my blog for some repeat wears here, I thought I'd show how I've worn the moto jacket and maps skirt earlier this year:

InTheWoods@Badass     RockFormation2@Succop

RIP, Fall foliage and summer greenery. :( Until next year, anyway.

How are you all doing with the weather, in terms of dressing for your climate?


  1. I absolutely love your skirt! It is so adorable! I know it's already the middle/end of November but I still wasn't ready for this cold weather. I'm such a sissy! lol! I've definitely been hiding in my scarves too!

  2. The print on the skirt is so awesome! I love it <333 I hear you about the snow, too. I can't believe it's here, already. It hasn't been torrential, though. So, I count myself lucky. Hehe.

    - Anna


  3. Ive come to terms that soon Im going to have to give up dresses for the season or wear vary sparingly versus my everyday ensemble. It is just getting too stinking cold. I love love love that skirt, I actually checked to see if Modcloth had it. Of course not I always miss out on the good stuff. I can't believe you are going sans jacket I can't imagine.

  4. I'm quite looking forward to a little bit of snow this year and not such a mild winter as last year.
    I know what you mean with the kind of outfit slump... I tend to get into one with work and just throwing jeans and a tee on in the morning. I need to get back into the habit of picking what to wear the night before.

  5. Cute style :)


  6. love snow! Wishing you a mild winter :)

    You are too cute btw and that leather jacket is awesome! Have something similar in my vintage shop. Couldn't resist some shameless self promotion. ;)
    Gypsy Plunder Vintage - Leather Jacket