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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quick Hello

Work has been kicking my butt lately. Just wanted to check in and say estate sales are AMAZING.

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I was in an estate sale groove over the weekend. On Sunday I hit the jackpot: I found loads of cool stuff at two sales, and paid less than $20 for EVERYTHING. Those items include:

∙ Porcelain unicorn bust
∙ 1950's era Ouija board in box
∙ Pair of Beene Bag (as in Geoffrey Beene) red leather cowboy boots
. Half dozen vintage glasses
∙ Two sets of teapot salt and pepper shakers
∙ Vintage mini globe
∙ Pair of vintage cast iron dumbbells, still in box
∙ "Nobody likes a smartass" decorative plate
∙ King size black and white striped comforter
∙ Three Ball canning jars, quart sized
∙ Vintage mint-colored colander
∙ Sewing box
∙ Lilac gingham print fabric, seersucker material
∙ Vintage Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book

Honestly, I'm probably still missing a few things. I'm not even sure how I managed to pay less than 20 bucks; I'm usually a terrible haggler. I think the timing was right: It had been raining on and off all weekend, there were few people out and about going to sales, and the people selling really wanted to get rid of stuff and make deals.

Rain was also in my favor at the Regent Square Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday; curb finds included cute summer clothes and a box of 45 records! FOR FREE!

I have considered for a long time about opening an Etsy page. I think vintage and kitschy good are fun, I collect a lot of them anyway, so I think I'm going to open a page sometime this summer. As if I didn't already have enough on my plate, haha. I'll keep yinz posted about that.

Been to any good sales lately? :) And if you have an Etsy store, what's your experience been like?

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