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Monday, June 16, 2014

Flower Child at the Farm

I visited my co-worker at her family's farm, Paskorz Berry Farm, over the weekend.



It was a beautiful place, tucked behind some houses and hills. I've been a huge fan of berry picking and canning over the past few years, so it's really exciting to know someone whose family owns a farm. And there's the whole utilizing locally grown foods, too.

Overall, my weekend was insanely busy. Friday night I went to the bar with a really old friend from elementary school who's moving out of the area, and subsequently ran into a bunch of other high school friends. And then on Saturday, a friend from Portland, Oregon was unexpectedly in town for the weekend, so we had brunch at this place some of my friends keep raving about, made our way to the arts festival for a little bit, and went to the Strip, a cluster of indoor/outdoor vendors and market goodies. That was all before seeing Kim at the berry farm, although briefly, because I didn't want to force her to pick berries when she was already out on the farm all damn day.

She was happy to take pictures, though, so I am thankful. I didn't really plan on photographing this particular outfit, but it's something I've worn a few times in recent weeks because it's bright and comfortable.

On Sunday, I cleaned the hell out of the house, my dad and the in-laws came over, and we cooked on our new grill for the first time.

Hopefully this week I'll be making some strawberry jam, from this very farm.


Outfit: Dress, Modcloth; Cardigan, J. Crew Outlet; Shoes, Toms (similar); Sunnies, Avalon (secondhand store).

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. So beautiful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Your weekends sounds like so much fun. Its always great to run into old friends and it sounds like you had quite the number of visitors. I haven't gone berry picking in ages but hearing you talk about it makes me want to go! Also I would love to make my own jam, I even saw a groupon for a class showing you how to make your own jam.

  3. I love the bright teal and navy/purple <3 It's a beautiful and unexpected color pairing. Awesome sunglasses, too and the floral crown is adorable! It looks so much better on you! I'm still trying to get used to seeing flowers on my head. Haha. >_<

    So this is where those berries came from! Awesome! I bet that jam tastes so fresh and amazing! <3

    - Anna