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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time Travel Tuesday: Mt. Rainier Postcard


Because of my newfound interest in old postcards and photos, I decided to start a new weekly feature: Time Travel Tuesdays!

I think I love old postcards because they're reminders of a bygone era, when people wrote to one another, when photos of new places couldn't be seen instantaneously. I was obviously drawn to this particular postcard because I've been to Mt. Rainier National Park. But this is also one of the few postcards I've seen in black and white, which is kinda cool, too.

I used to write letters to friends a lot; it brings a personal touch that writing emails and sending texts simply doesn't convey. It also provides a little keepsake that can be read again and again.

Hopefully it's a habit I can pick up again soon.

Maybe I am living in the wrong time period, haha.

Just FYI, the back doesn't have a message on it. I'm trying to find more postcards in my budding collection that were actually written on and sent to someone.

For now, this won't be limited to just postcards, because I only have a few right now. I have a lot of old, scanned family photos, so I think some of those photos will be revealed in this feature, too.

What do you think postcards were like to send when it was more than just a novelty form of communication?


  1. I love the idea of sending mail still as communication and not just receiving bills lol I have long desired to start up pen palling with people. I just haven't put forth much of the effort needed or found anyone to start with honestly. It sadly is on my list of things I want to accomplish in 2014 and 6 months in and I have yet to do it. I really want to collect some old fashioned vacation postcards that say the name of the place in the classic typeface and like has illustrations of popular things in the area (if I'm making any sense lol the description makes sense to me). I want to collect a few to frame and place near my collection of framed maps (taking it too far maybe? but just how I like it)

    1. Yeah, I know what you're talking about with the typeface postcards. They're so cool looking, but I've ever only seen reprints of those.

      My original intent was to only collect local postcards, but I guess those are the postcards that always get picked first. Plus, people have collections of postcards showing where they've gone, not where they're from. So I've just expanded it to any postcard that showcases an interesting location and looks cool.

      And having the postcards with maps only seems appropriate, right? I like the idea. :)

    2. Thanks yeah Ive seen tons of reprints, I would love to try to find originals. Haha thanks!