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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Remixed Summer

Now that my blog has been become more than just a novelty to me now, I've been trying to challenge myself more style wise. This outfit is the result of some of those style challenges.



I'll be the first to admit these photos aren't the best quality. But going home on my lunch break and utilizing the handy self timer on my camera on the back deck was the only way to capture this outfit the day I wore it. Sorry, uninteresting location and harsh lighting. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

My favorite part of all this is that I utilized two pieces that are big summer staples of mine, an old chambray shirt and my daisy dress, and combined them. While the dress is awesome, sleeveless dresses in the office make me feel a little naked, and it's getting too hot to put a cardigan on top of everything.

OK. So this wasn't all my idea, either. It was a few other bloggers, like The Passionista and Delightfully Tacky, that gave me the tied shirt idea. I was hesitant initially, but now I'm totally sold! It's a great cover up alternative without feeling sweaty and nasty.



Outfit: Dress (worn as skirt), Target; Chambray, Old Navy; Shoes, Toms (similar).

What kinds of things have you been trying to evolve your style?


  1. I love love that dress turned skirt. Im always amazed because I joined the blogging community to meet some rad gals but I also have found myself inspired/motivated by other bloggers outfits. Like I want to try more colorful tights and layering thanks to other bloggers!

  2. Denim shirts are so wonderfully versatile. I love yours paired with the daisy print skirt. This outfit has a great 90s feel!


  3. I love my denim shirt, although I don't wear it nearly enough. This has given me some nice ideas for mine :)

  4. Supercute outfit! Love the mix of florals and denim, it's one of my favourite combos! :)

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  5. Dress as a skirt = WIN <3 I adore the patterns, too! So perfect. I want a dress with that pattern scheme so badly. >_<

    - Anna


  6. I'm so behind on your posts its not even funny, lol. I love the tied shirt look on you- you look amazing! Daisies are the thing right now! I'm in love with that dress turned skirt!