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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

High School Style

I missed my weekly throwback post for the first time last week, and this week's post is a day late. Not that you were keeping track. But this is worth the wait, I swear. Say hi to 17-year-old me:



I was a particularly angst-y high school senior for a bunch of reasons. I dealt with my first break up, totaled my car, and had a major case of senioritis. Also: Note the hands on hips and the glare. And maybe, trying to finish translating Spanish 5 homework in the class before. ;)

But anyway, the highlight of this photo is the skirt I'm wearing. It was originally a t-shirt I bought at a souvenir shop in New York City. From the time I looked at it, I loved it, but wanted to make it into something else. Soon after I returned home from my band trip at the Big Apple, I sewed this little number, wore it to school, and got a crazy number of compliments. I remember someone even asking me if I was going to be studying fashion design in college. Never had I been so proud to own a sewing machine and use it!

Of course, current me would say, why did you wear it with a hoodie? Why did you make it such a weird length? Why the face? But that day I wore that skirt to school was very memorable to me, especially in a year with a lot of gray.

An old friend came over for a cookout the other night, and we ended up looking at a lot of old photos. I had thrifty style in high school, too, but in a much different way. I loved goofy t-shirts paired with jeans and chunky costume jewelry or cereal box watches. I wore Threadless t-shirts as if they were a uniform requirement. I kind of forgot how funky my style was, and how far I've come since then. Not that it was bad, but I think I've toned it down a bit, at least.

My favorite t-shirt back then was a kid's rec league softball shirt I found at a thrift store (of course), and the back of it read "pizza shack" above the number. It was a sad day when the screen print began to peel on that shirt.

How has your style evolved since high school?


  1. The idea was really good behind that skirt! So creative! And, YES, my style has completely changed since high school. Honestly, I was an incredibly awkward high schooler. I wore band tees with long skirts, but not well fitted ladies band tees. I went through a weird goth phase too. But I am still proud because I can look and see how I grew over the years. All experiences are good experiences.

    And my 21 year old brother still wears Threadless like it's a uniform. At 51 tees, I told him no more clothes ever, haha.


  2. At that age, I think everything went with a hoodie! My style has gone through many changes... too many to remember ;)

  3. What a awesome skirt! Serious kudos for how you reworked a tshirt into a skirt like that...love! I wore the hoodie and skirt look for a while too in high school - and my style ranged from the preppy Cher from Clueless look to looking like hot topic threw up on me, ha!