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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Down in Texas



Got this postcard while I was in Texas, because, well, I kind of had to do it. :)


"Down in Texas"

We're down here in old Texas
Where you never have the blues
Where the bandits steal the jitneys
And the Marshals steal the booze
Where buildings horn the skyline,
Where the populace is boost
Where they shoot mean just for past time
Where the chickens never roost.

Where the stickup men are wary
And the bullets fall like hail;
Where each pocket has a pistol
And each pistol's good for jail;
Where they always hang the jury,
Where they never hang a man
If you call a man a liar, you
Get home the best you can;

Where you get up in the morning
In a world of snow and sleet
And you come home in the evening
Suffocating in the heat;
Where the jitneys whiz about you
And the street cars barely creep;
Where the burglars pick your pockets
While you 'lay me down to sleep'

Where the bulldogs all have rabies,
And the rabbits they have fleas
Where the big girls like the wee ones
Wear their dresses to their knees,
Where you whist out in the morning
Just to give your health a chance.

Say 'Howdy' to come fellow who
Shoots big holes in your pants;
Where wise owls are afraid to hoot
And birds don't dare to sing
For it's hell down here in Texas,
Where they all shoot on the wing.


Dear Bill —
Thanks for your letter, enjoyed it a lot. Too bad you always (sic) have to bump up against Mt. Pleasant.No snow or over coats down here — you'd aught to try it sometime. Keep your eye on Polly.
Yours, Roe

I would've liked to have found an Austin postcard, but this was as good as it got for me. I'll try to post other postcards I got in Texas (and Ohio) in the coming weeks.

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