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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pittsburgh 200th


Pittsburgh's bicentennial year was in 1958. I know this because the 250th anniversary was celebrated in 2008. Sad but true. I love that Pittsburgh is an older city. I think that's where it gets a lot of its charm. The history is rich. But I guess, compared to most European cities, Pittsburgh is still fairly young.

This postcard in particular is about double the standard size, and was a little beat up, but thought was worth having, if for nothing else, to simply have yet another Pittsburgh postcard. :)

There's still been so much growth since then, too.


  1. My mother in law lived in the city then. Recounts stories of sooty air and low visibility, even then. What a long way we've come!!!

  2. My family on both sides has been in the city for generations. It's so true about how much the place has evolved.