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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Angela's Pizzelles

Note from Kate: I recently asked bloggers to share some of their favorite Christmas cookie recipes, along with memories of making them, with the hopes it could be an online version of a Christmas cookie exchange party. Today's recipe comes from Angela, of The Passionista.

I'm actually a recent pizzelle convert myself, since my mother-in-law makes them around the holidays every year. :) I'm sure Angela's family recipe is just as good. Enjoy!

Hi there! I'm Angela from The Passionista, and I'm thrilled to be sharing one of my family's cookie recipes here on Kate's blog.


I have to admit, my Italian family goes way overboard every holiday season with cookies... we're busy in the kitchen from the 1st of December until a couple days before Christmas baking up a storm. We change up the assortment yearly, but these pizzelles are a staple. They are a light, less sugary cookie and very simple to make, too!


• 6 large eggs
• 4 cups flour
• 1 to 1 1/2 cups sugar (depending on how sweet you like them)
• 1 cup oil
• 2 tsp. vanilla extract
• 1/2 bottle anise extract (you can use any extract flavor you like here)
• Pizzelle Iron, found here



Step 1// Beat all of the eggs together in a large bowl. Then, add your oil & sugar and mix until evenly distributed. Next, add the extracts.
Step 2// Add your flour, mixing in each cup as you go. The consistency should be pretty wet, but not runny.
Step 3// Heat up your iron until the light turns on. Take a tablespoon or a small ice cream scooper and place the batter in the middle of the pizzelle iron, to get that pretty design nice and even on your cookie.
Step 4// Close the iron, squeeze it together for about 20-30 seconds, depending on how "brown" you like yours.
Step 5// Open the iron when it's done cooking, and slide the cookie off of it using a spatula.
Step 6// Let cool & enjoy.

Pizzelles are an unusual cookie for those who have never tried them. But, they are a nice change from all of the rich sweets we eat around this time of year and go perfectly with your morning coffee. I hope all of you are enjoying this month with your loved ones! Thank you, Kate, for allowing me to share this!

** Pizzelle iron gets VERY hot and often leaks oil from the batter off the sides, please be careful!**

1 comment:

  1. These look very very yummy! I'm not a big baker of biscuits/cookies/waffles, I usually go straight to making a cake when I want to bake something. Maybe it's something to try in the new year.