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Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Christmastime Pennants
made with paint samples

This is the perfect craft for doing something that's relatively easy while feeling like a badass.



Let me explain: Paint samples at stores are typically free, since the intent is to get an idea of what color you'd like to paint a room. But taking 30 or 40 of them looks kinda weird. Oh well.

Anyway, I initially made pennants from paint samples for my wedding, believe it or not. They were hung up by the bar. Afterwards I repurposed them as living room decorations, where they hung for nearly a year.

But those pennants were variations of orange, and didn't quite fit in with the Christmastime color scheme, so I decided to make more festive ones. Just keep in mind that this craft isn't limited to Christmas, but can be for any occasion with any color palette.

DIY Pennants, made with paint samples
Makes two sets of eight pennant strands.

What you need:
• 32 paint samples, preferably 16 pairs, in colors of your choosing (if you're anything like me, grab a few extras in case of mess ups)
• rubber cement or other adhesive
• scissors
• string
• hole punch

First, since paint samples aren't two-sided, is to glue pairs of paint samples together. I matched up colors, but you can do it however you like. Set aside to dry. Next, cut paint samples into triangles. I used an extra paint sample to make a stencil for the rest. Then punch holes into the corners and string together. Voila! Some classy looking decor that barely cost anything to make!



Waldo wanted to help, too. :)

Do you have any favorite holiday decor?


  1. These look super cute (and easy, which is everything to me). And that kitty's face at the end, gah! Adorable.

    Sara // dearskim.com