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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Thrifty Finds: May 2014

Mark and I might need to buy a house soon, just considering how much crap we both collect.


First is the crown jewel: The bar cart I found at an Ohio flea market for five bucks! I plan on fixing it up, but haven't gotten around to it yet. This bar cart, from Kate&Stripes, might serve as motivation. I would love to repaint this a sky blue or dodger blue color. Neither one of us is a big fan of the gold.

One of the glass panels is also missing, so I was hoping my dad could cut out a couple wooden panels that I could repaint. We'll see.



After months of longing for succulents, I finally got a few! From Ikea.

The thrifty part of this are the tins, which I got for a dollar each at different sales. They're making a lovely little home on our coffee table right now.



My sister Ashley and I scored big at a flea market with vintage magnets. I picked up some strawberries and beer can magnets.


This is from a couple months ago, but I picked up an ice cream cookie jar at a flea market for five bucks. I'm afraid to use it so far, since it's ceramic and all and I'm the clumsiest person of all time, but it looks great on the kitchen counter.


And of course, my ever growing drink glass collection. Newest additions are the vintage Hamburglar glass, to go with my creepy Ronald McDonald glass, and a pumpkin mug.

Also, let's not forget my garbage bag and rummage sale finds, which got their own dedicated posts.

Have you gotten any good thrifty finds lately?


  1. I have the whole set of those McDonald glasses! They're pretty great but kind of hard to wash since my hand just barely fits inside. I'm loving the rest of your finds too. Such a cute ice cream cone cookie jar and that bar cart is great.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad someone else has those awesome glasses. Haha. I normally run them through the dishwasher, even though I probably shouldn't. So far there hasn't been any paint chipping or fading.

  2. That bar cart is lovely. A bar cart is one of the few things I want to add to my apartment in time, but like you I'd love to find one at a thrift store, garage sale or flea market and make it my own. Plus I always feel guilty buying expensive items that I know if I have the patience I could find on my own in time and make it that much more special.

    1. Yes! The best part of this was that I wasn't actively seeking a bar cart. I was longing for one, and was just walking around and found it. And had to have it.

      For me, it's tough to go to a flea market or thrift store with a specific item in mind, since it's really disappointing if I can't find something.

      Good luck on finding one!