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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Man's Trash

Sunday was one of those days where things simply weren't going as planned.



Mark and I had intended on going to the Pirates game. However, the bees/hornets/wasps/evil black and yellow things with wings at our house had other ideas. We're pretty sure they made a nest in the shutter outside our bedroom window. They've been getting inside through the window somehow, or through the air conditioning unit. So... we've had 10 plus bees get into our bedroom for the past week. Three more came in just before we were about to leave. We stood our ground and conquered. For now.

I called the landlord about it last week, but the maintenance man hasn't come over yet. :(

Anyway, the bee situation held us back awhile. By the time we got to the city, the Pirates were in the second inning, so Mark just scalped the tickets and we explored the city a bit.

While we were there, we went to Avalon, my favorite secondhand shop in the city, but had no luck finding anything. We decided to go for a walk, and I passed a garbage bag sitting on the sidewalk full of clothes in my size. They were marked free and clean. Hoping there weren't any discarded body parts in the bag, I swooped it over my shoulder and brought it to my car to inspect through it a little more thoroughly.

Seriously. Don't judge me. It isn't like this happens every time I decide to go for a stroll.





The items were in great shape and clean. Probably cleaner than things I've found in thrift stores.

In addition to the things pictured above, there were some old dress shirts, sweaters, and dress pants, but they were in smaller sizes, so I'll probably just donate them. While some of these things aren't necessarily my style, particularly the pink knit shirt and the purple skinny jeans, the price was right. I might experiment with altering them a bit, with dyes, or just mixing them up in my wardrobe. We'll see.

The black dress, however, is perfection. I might just have to wear it as a tunic, though. It looks like it'll be very short on.


Are there any clothes you've inherited under unusual circumstances?


  1. Omg! That's seriously amazing!!! If that ever happened in good ol' Youngstown, I'd be hesitant lol. My sister just came home with a bag full of clothing (although winter) all in my size and I was super excited! But, I can definitely wait to wear sweaters again...

    1. Yeah, normally I'm a little more leery about these kinds of things, but we were walking in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city. I have friends who have gotten really nice curbside art and furniture from Squirrel Hill, too, so I guess finding a bag of clothes isn't the weirdest thing in the world.

      Glad you have a reason to be excited about winter months, at least. I usually can't find many reasons, except now, I guess I could look forward to wearing the polka dot scarf I found.

  2. Oh my, the bees sound horrible!! I hope that gets sorted ASAP.
    I love free stuff!! Every now and then we'll be walking down the street and there will be a chair that says 'gratis' on it. No clothes yet though :(

    1. The bee problem is fixed! There were some openings around our air conditioning unit, so the maintenance guy just taped it up and we haven't had an issue since. Hooray. :)

      And is it bad that I used to go on walks on garbage night just to see if there was anything worth picking up?