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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nice to Meet You


Hi, I'm Kate, and this is my blog.

A little about me: I'm 25, born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. I've moved out of state for bits of time, but now I'm working not too far where I grew up as a small town newspaper reporter. Some obsessions of mine include thrift store shopping, dresses, photography, baking, news, and crafts, including sewing. I thought combining those interests in blog form, along with maybe some local interviews, seemed like a solid idea.

Thus, the love I have for my hometown and thrifting birthed my beautiful blog name, Thriftburgher.

Hopefully, as I post more, it'll be obvious I have a love for my hometown, flea markets, and dresses, among other things.

Anything else you should know? I married a swell guy named Mark in October. He has a legendary beard. He'll probably be mentioned a lot here, and may be my go-to photographer, if he cooperates.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. hey girl, what's your e-mail?! I have a question to ask you!

    1. You can reach me at thriftburgher@gmail.com. I've been meaning to revamp this about me page for awhile, too. Eek.

  2. Hi Kate! I just found your blog through Bloglovin and wanted to say hi! I'm also a 25 year old Pittsburgh gal who loves thrifting, Pittsburgh, and a guy with an excellent beard :) sounds like we have a lot in common! Looking forward to following your blog and (pseudo) getting to know you!