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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rummage Sale Finds: Vintage Sewing Book, Sweaters Galore

Rummage sales are like homemade cookies. They can be amazing, or they can be terrible. Fortunately, the rummage sale I stumbled upon over the weekend was a true winner.




On Saturday, as Mark and I made our annual trek to Pittsburgh Comics for Free Comic Book Day and met with friends living in West Virginia, I spotted a sign for a rummage sale at a church. Located in a wealthy suburb, I made I mental note of the place to check out later in the day. It was such a good decision. They had already taken sale sign down by the time we drove back, but things were wrapping up with a bag sale. Two bucks a bag.

With a half hour left of the sale, the scene was a little chaotic. There were a lot of middle aged women who didn't seem to be too selective with what they stuffed into their bags. I always try to be at least somewhat selective when it comes to shopping, even if it's a great deal. I think looking with a more selective eye makes for better decision making when it comes to getting items I'll actually use. Name brands items were awesome.

My favorite finds, pictured above, were a corny Christmas-themed sweatshirt and a Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Guidebook from 1961.

I've read rave reviews about the book online. It includes detailed instructions about everything you need to know about sewing: Following patterns, inserting zippers, fit. The hardback book, more than 300 pages long, is in great shape and has some priceless 1960's illustrations.

I hope the book will motivate me to use my new sewing machine, which may or may not be still in the box.

And I don't know what it is, but I have a weakness for Christmas-themed clothes. The red sweater with "Four Calling Birds", in reference to the Twelve Days of Christmas, was calling my name. It's very grandma hipster of me, but I'll let my freak flag fly high on that one.

Other items:
• A navy and white polka dot skirt, with elastic waistband
• White blouse with embroidered collar
• Blue Liz Claiborne cardigan
• Teal Coldwater Creek cardigan, with interesting scalloped detailing
• Royal blue London Fog houndstooth sweater
• Blue button up cable knit sweater
• Pair of pepper print socks
• Pumpkin mug (my obsessive mug collection grows, pun intended)

AND for Mark:
• Bagel print neck tie (seriously)
• Flannel neck tie
• Red Gap flannel button up

All of these items fit into one bag. So I paid a whopping two bucks for everything. And FYI, some of these items might an appearance in future posts as outfits or recons.

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