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Friday, January 30, 2015

A Look Back, and A Look Ahead

Holy turds, I've been so bad about updating this month. I blame a lack of blog writing motivation, winter lethargy and perhaps, over thinking what the focus of this blog should be.

With the name Thriftburgher, the original intent was to focus on the thriftiness in my life. I think I've done that for a bit, especially in earlier posts, but I've also been writing about things that I've enjoyed and/or have interested me.

Some of my favorite posts from 2014:

My vintage postcard series, particularly my various Pittsburgh sets. (links to original posts in photos)



There have been a few outfits I've liked, too:

FullBody@ZigZag           InTheWoods@Badass           Smiles1@RenFair

Various photo collections, my wedding series and thrifty reviews have also been highlights over the past year.

My favorite blog reads run the gamut. Some tend to focus on a spectrum of topics that interest the blogger and their personalities shine through. (A Beautiful Mess, Delightfully Tacky, The Laughing Medusa, The Dainty Squid, The Clueless Girl's Guide.) Other favorites are primarily outfits or recipes. (Midwest Muse, Room 334, Melodic Thrifty & Chic, Food in Jars, So Hungry I Could Blog) And then there's more nostalgic, news-based throwback blogs I adore as well. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's The Digs, NPRchives)

I have other favorites too, but I read so many that I can't possibly list them all. :)

I don't know, I'm just thinking about how my perspective has changed on this whole blogging concept since I started last year. How does my blog appear to other people?

I would like to have a spectrum like focus, but with a full-time job it's difficult to maintain. After all, my life isn't all that exciting. Even my last few thrift store trips have been total fails. I'd either leave empty handed or buy things for other people.

But I'm hopeful and can kick my ass back into gear. My tentative refocusing goals this year: Perhaps a Q&A series, keep up with outfit posts, but nail down a harder emphasis on all things thrifty. Not necessarily having listicles about thrifting, but being better about documenting my journey to various flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, etc.

Any suggestions? :D


  1. Having a full time job and trying to blog can get pretty complicated and difficult at times. Sometimes I have a bit of a moment with my blog and I start to think I talk about too many topics and maybe I should focus and get myself a niche. But then, I dunno, it just doesn't seem as much fun.

    I think as long as you are happy with what you are talking about and you are enjoying what you are doing, I think that's enough.

  2. You had me at "holy turds." (I actually snorted.) Balancing work and the blog and life in general is TOUGH - don't beat yourself up over it. I like to take a look through my archives when I'm feeling down about myself or my blog, and then I realize, holy crap... I MADE all of this! It's a good feeling, and might inspire some new ideas based on old ones. :)

  3. I have to agree on the full-time job + blog = slow blogging experience. A 50+ hour work week is a tough obstacle and no mistake. I ended up on an unintended hiatus over this past fall, just because I felt I had run out of steam.

    What I try to focus on, as a result, is whether what I am writing or posting is good or interesting work. If it makes me proud to post, it's a winner by my standard. Volume of output isn't everything. Personally, I prefer reading general interest blogs. Those reflect more of their author's personality, which is what keeps me interested.

    I've been impressed with your blog since I discovered it. Keep on truckin'!

  4. I'm totally with you- my blog has definitely swung different directions over the years and has ended up being more personal style than I ever intended. But it's kind of nice to go with the flow and see where the inspiration takes you :)